Feast of the Holy Family – Reflection – Cycle B –

The Feast of the Holy Family is celebrated today, on the Sunday after Christmas. It is an opportune day to reflect on the importance of family and the role of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as a model for all families.
In the Gospel reading for this feast, we hear about the presentation of Jesus in the temple and the prophesies of Simeon and Anna. Simeon recognizes Jesus as the Messiah and prophesies that he will be a light to the Gentiles and the glory of Israel. Anna, a prophetess, also recognizes Jesus and praises God for sending the Redeemer.
The Holy Family is a model for all families. They were obedient to God’s will and lived their lives in service to Him. They faced many challenges, but they remained faithful and trusted in God’s plan. We can learn from their example and strive to live our lives in the same way.
As we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family, let us pray for all families. May they be strengthened in their love for one another and for God. May they be guided by the example of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and may they always remain faithful to God’s plan for their lives.
Especially on our minds this Sunday is our dear brother Laurence Molloy who died in the peace of Christ just days ago. May the Holy Family bless the wonderful life and vocation of Laurence as his soul passes directly into their care. May his soul, and those of all the faithful departed, through God’s great and glorious mercy, rest in peace. Amen.