Gospel Reflection – 32nd Week in Ordinary Time – Cyscle A – Matthew 25:1-13   

In today’s Gospel, Jesus draws from this revelation about the future the practical moral that a Christian needs to be on the watch, living each day as if it were his last. This is very much a monastic ideal and we at MSJ try to inhabit this Gospel passage in our lives.
The important thing is not to speculate about when these events will happen and what form they will take, but to live in such a way that they find us in the state of grace.
Living each day as if it were your last is a powerful concept that can help us to live more fully and with greater purpose. It reminds us that our time on this earth is limited and that we should make the most of every moment. It also encourages us to focus on what is truly important in life, such as our relationships with others and our relationship with God.
Keeping watch is another important aspect of this passage. It reminds us to be vigilant and to stay alert to the signs of the times. We should be aware of the world around us and the events that are unfolding, so that we can respond appropriately. This means being informed about what is happening in our communities, our nation, and the world, and taking action when necessary.
Today’s Gospel, then, is a powerful reminder to Christians to live each day as if it were their last and to keep watch for the signs of the times. By doing so, we can live more fully and with greater purpose, and we can be prepared for whatever the future may hold for us.

The Lord be with you
And with your spirit.
A reading from the Gospel according to Matthew 25:1-13
Glory to you, O Lord

Jesus told this parable to his disciples:
‘The kingdom of heaven will be like this:
Ten bridesmaids took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom.  Five of them were foolish and five were sensible: the foolish ones did take their lamps, but they brought no oil, whereas the sensible ones took flasks of oil as well as their lamps.
The bridegroom was late, and they all grew drowsy and fell asleep. But at midnight there was a cry,
“The bridegroom is here! Go out and meet him.” At this, all those bridesmaids woke up and trimmed their lamps, and the foolish ones said to the sensible ones, “Give us some of your oil: our lamps are going out”. But they replied, “There may not be enough for us and for you; you had better go to those who sell it and buy some for yourselves”.
They had gone off to buy it when the bridegroom arrived. Those who were ready went in with him to the wedding hall and the door was closed. The other bridesmaids arrived later. “Lord, Lord,” they said “open the door for us.”
But he replied, “I tell you solemnly, I do not know you”.
So stay awake, because you do not know either the day or the hour.’

The Gospel of the Lord.
Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.