St Patrick’s Day Reflection

Saint Patrick’s feast Day, famously celebrated the world over, is more than a cultural event, but an opportunity to ponder upon and be inspired by a great man of Ireland, a man who made Christ his centre. We most probably already know about his capture and slavery, his coming to Ireland and his Confession through which we get to know a very strong and couragous individual.
Today, more than ever, we are aware of the difficulties in life, the scenarios that turn our world, our life, upside down. We continue to live in a volatile society, economically, politically and environmentally.
When we read the Gospels, we see that Jesus had the capacity to turn the understanding of faith on its head, to be a disturber of established views. Sometimes, during moments when we feel spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially capsized, the words of Jesus remind us that, even now, he is revolutionising the world through his extraordinary teachings, and that we may also be repositioned to face him, to make him our new axis, if only we were open to such possibilities. This is what Patrick did, too, by his own Christian example, setting the world on fire with the love of God, positioning our beautiful Island nation towards the face of God’s love.
Some mignt even say that, because it has happened before, it can happen again. The world needs more Patricks, more courageous individuals who are willing to make everything for God. Now, more than ever. So let us, with Patrick firmly in our thoughts, ask for the grace from God to live in his image, to inspire and be inspired, and to bring the Gospel to many, as did our wonderful Saint Patrick.