Trappist Throwback Tuesday

Today we commenced work on the project to produce a Pictorial History of Mount Saint Joseph Abbey marking the 140 anniversary of its founding. The team which will be headed up by Fr Laurence Walsh ocso also includes Amanda Pedlow (Heritage Officer) Offaly County Council, and James Fraher and Connie Scanlon of Bogfire Design. Also attending this morning’s initial meeting where Dom Malachy Thompson ocso Mount Saint Joseph Abbey and Dom Richard Purcell ocso of Mount Melleray Abbey. To give friends of Mount Saint Joseph Abbey a taste of what to expect when the book is published later this year we are launching a new Facebook initiative called Trappist Throwback Tuesday. I might even call it 3T for Twitter but I will think on that one. So I would really appreciate feedback on what people think of the idea of Trappist Throwback Tuesday and what they think about a Pictorial History of Mount Saint Joseph Abbey. Please let me know. The first image is from 6th September 1944 and is of the burial of Dom Justin McCarthy the second Abbot of Mount Saint Joseph Abbey.