Monastic Hospitality

The guesthouse is a quiet place, set in the beautiful grounds of the monastery. There are fine walks around the grounds, giving the visitor time and space to enjoy the peaceful landscape.

All bedrooms are en-suite, with an elevator to each floor. Breakfast is self-service. Lunch and supper are set menus. Tea or coffee can be made during the day as required. The catering staff are happy to accommodate any guest with special dietary requirements. Just let us know of your needs.

The monks celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours in the Abbey Church seven times a day. All visitors are welcome to participate in the Divine Office, but there is no obligation to do so. The times of prayer are displayed in each bedroom. All are welcome at the Community Masses. Theses take place at 8.15am Monday to Saturday, and 10.30am on Sunday. Sunday Public Mass is at 12.30pm. Confessions are available in the Abbey Church on Friday, Saurday and Sunday, 2.30-4.00pm.

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